How can they hear?

Millions of Chinese leave China every year for vacation, study or work. They come out of hundreds of cities where there is little chance to hear the Gospel. When these travelers arrive at their destinations, volunteers welcome them with free Chinese Bibles and share the Good News.

Won’t you be the someone to tell them?

Southern Cross Project uses volunteers of all ages: individuals, families, or teams. God can use you to get his Word into the hands and hearts of Chinese tourists, students or migrant workers.

Volunteer with Southern Cross Project:

    • Come spend 1 to 90 days with long-term workers.
    • Pray for the work of Southern Cross Project.
    • Give to Southern Cross Project so more can hear.

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* This video was recorded in 2014, the number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad and the number of destinations grew exponentially until 2020 when world travel stopped.  Praying for 2022 to get back to a new “normal”.