How to PRAY?

Pray for their ears and eyes be open!

Today is like the days of Peter and Tabitha in Acts 9:36-41. Jesus’ disciples must pray that new life be given and eyes be open to God’s life giving Word. From the story of the blind beggar in John 9:32, we know that without God’s help, no one can open the eyes of those born spiritually blind. From James 5:16-18 we know that prayer produces wonderful results.

Won’t you be the someone to pray?

Chinese Tourists need prayers of all kinds. God can use your prayers to open the eyes of those blinded by their belief in idols, and the weak useless spiritual principles of this world.(Galatians 4)

Pray with Southern Cross Project for East Asian tourists.

  • Pray for the removal of spiritual blindness.
  • Pray for a hunger for Father’s love.
  • Pray that workers and volunteers  joyfully share as they hand out the Word of life.



Southern Cross